22 July 2021 |

Audi launch new Evo package for 2022

The most populous manufacturer on the Fanatec GT World Challenge Australia Powered by AWS grid has announced an upgrade package for next year.

Audi has launched new Evo specifications for its R8 LMS GT3, which can be ran from next year.

This is the second Evo package to be developed for the latest model of the R8 LMS GT3 since it replaced the R8 Ultra GT3 in 2015.

Christened the Evo II Audi says the latest specification focuses on better driveability through five key areas including aerodynamics, traction control, engine characteristics, chassis and climate control.

“With the first evolution of 2019, we have already embarked on a path that focuses more strongly on the customer teams and the wishes from amateur sport,” said Chris Reinke, head of Audi Sport customer racing.

“We have now maintained this direction with many new ideas. Whether it’s engine characteristics, interior climate control, chassis, or traction control, we have consistently implemented the wishes that our globally active teams have brought to us.

“The new evolution meets the needs of our customers even more. The majority of the innovations reflect the wishes that the teams have expressed to us.”

The major visual change between the current Evo specification raced in the GT Championship class of the Fanatec GT World Challenge Australia Powered by AWS and the incoming model is the rear wing, which has drawn comparison to not only its GT2-spec R8, but the latest RS3 LMS TCR model.

More downforce is created by the new rear wing, directing downforce from the underfloor to the rear to enhance stability under braking.

Other updates include an update of the traction control system and the addition of four-way adjustable shocks in place of the original two-way components used in the previous model.

“The innovations improve the driveability and they allow drivers without a professional background in particular to make better use of the power potential and torque curve for consistent lap times,” said Reinke.

“Air conditioning makes it easier to concentrate in the cockpit even over long distances.

“The chassis features a new shock absorber solution that makes it easier for the teams to set the car up. And modified software means that traction control can be used even more individually to suit individual needs and different tire characteristics.”

Testing of the new Evo-specification is to continue ahead of its rollout later this year at a cost of approximately $687,000AUD.

“The economy of the evolution package is a key differentiator for Audi Sport customer racing compared with many a competitor,” said Reinke.

“We have changed the car in five important areas. In return, the price increase from 398,000 to 429,000 euros (plus VAT) is moderate compared with the competition.

“Of course, all assemblies can be retrofitted to existing vehicles. For this fair offer, our customers receive an even better race car.”

Lamborghini is expected to launch an upgraded Evo specification for the Huracan GT3 in 2023, as is Porsche, while BMW’s M4 GT3 has already been launched.

The next round of the Fanatec GT World Challenge Powered by AWS will be held at Sandown on September 17-19.